Yo this is my art blog hello welcome.
Enjoy your stay I'll actually attempt to sound professional in this description eventually.

upload spam part 2

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upload spam part 1

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going on a massive upload binge there’s a possibility that i might need to do a restore to factory settings on my computer so

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Compilation of most of my most recent abstract pieces

all done digitally in SAI

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Some recent-ish abstract pieces Ive worked on

both done in charcoal and on colored illustration board

There’s gonna 4 four of these all together, I just havent worked on the other two yet haha

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i have no patience but i must evangelion fanart

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here’s another saint of gore thing

im still playing aroun with the idea but this is what it might end up looking like??


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i couldnt decide what i wanted to draw so i drew thumb nails instead

the ones that are numbered are ones i drew to a song off the FEZ soundtrack and then left alone when the songs were done.

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i keep drawing tiny things on a huge canvas (1500x1500 pixels damn son) and then cropping them

maybe something like this?

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